No cookie cutter PR programs here

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The big peach in Gaffney, S.C.

The big peach in Gaffney, S.C.

If you’ve ever driven through Gaffney, S.C. one of two things may come to mind: The outlet shopping or the big peach.

Liza, Heather and I drove to Charlotte today for a new business presentation and decided to take a picture next to this iconic water tower.

Now, back to business. During the meeting today, our PR team received a lot of great questions revolving around media relations, special events, partnerships and social media (the things our team excels at, I may add!).

Even though all these activities can work together to serve as a successful program, it’s important for us to communicate that every one of our clients is different, whether it be:

  • The client’s audience members
  • The channels and tools key audiences are using to communicate with each other
  • How to approach analytics and reporting
  • Defining goals and success of a program

Our team takes time to understand all of the above, which is a beautiful thing because our plans are as unique as each one of our clients and audiences.

Liza and I have made it our mission to eliminate the thought of PR agencies as press release factories.  There is an art to developing and implementing a PR plan and we love having conversations around this.

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