Know your rights when it comes to online images

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Have you ever wanted to use an image to help illustrate your point, whether it be on your blog, your website or social media channel? A well-produced image can be just the thing to help you tell your story. And the cliche is true: a picture can say a thousand words.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil: FCPR-style

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil: FCPR-style

But before you run off to your nearest search engine and download all the images your eyes can take in from the Internet, it”s important to understand at least the basics about photo copyrights and fair usage of images.

Now, I”m no lawyer, so I did some research and found one (on the Internet, naturally) who explained this in much further detail. You can read Sara Hawkins”s full explanation of Internet image copyright and fair usage rights here: 

At Full Circle PR, we”re taking advantage of our iPhones more and using our own images on our blog and social channels as much as we can. (This is also a great excuse to experiment with new photo editing tools, image filters and video apps). Check out Heather, Carolyn  and Hannah in the image to the right humoring me for this morning”s post.

Another option, if you find an image you just can”t live without, is to ask the photographer if they”d allow you to use the image on your site (with the appropriate image credit).

Don”t assume that just because you borrowed that one little photo from the depths of Google Images and posted it on your site that it”s yours to use, free and clear. When in doubt, it”s best to use one of your own images, or better yet, pay for a license for a low cost stock image. T

While prosecution of copyright infringements when it comes to online images is still somewhat vague, it”s better to be safe than sorry.

PS – look for more Full Circle PR-generated images coming your way in subsequent blog posts! We”re having a lot of fun shooting our own content and hope to share more with you soon.


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