Four best practices for planning an awesome internal event

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photo-12Last week, I had the chance to participate in one of our client’s internal conferences in San Antonio. MilliCare‘s annual meeting is a time for partners from around the country (and around the world) to network and learn about important topics related to their business.

The event was a great time for me to connect with these individuals in person – while also taking back a few key lessons about planning internal events:

  • Over communicate. When sharing important details about an event to hundreds of individuals, ongoing communications before, during and after the meeting is key. Send email updates and reminders across each possible channel – including including phone conversations.
  • Host a variety of perspectives. Internal events can benefit from hosting more than just employees and members. Consider featuring an outside keynote speaker or industry expert to bring a new point of view to the table.
  • Make it fun. If people are traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to attend the event, chances are they want more than just educational sessions. Incorporate low-key networking opportunities and entertainment to make the event both effective and fun. (MilliCare’s conference ended in a surprise trip to a rodeo! Doesn’t sound like a typical company meeting, right?)
  • Keep it going. Before the end of the event, put a plan in action to implement the big ideas and lessons that came from the meeting. Education and networking doesn’t have to end when everyone goes home. 

For those readers who have experience in event planning and company meetings, what tips would you add to this list? How do you maximize the effectiveness of internal conferences before, during and after the event?

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