Do you ever really know it all?

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I officially have five months of public relations agency experience under my belt. While I’ve been in the marketing and PR industry my entire career, there are still things I’m learning as I go along. (Does this ever change? I don’t think so.)

A challenge we place on ourselves at FCPR is to always learn more about our industry and clients. This, as you know, can be a full time job, as the role of marketers and public relations practitioners is ever-changing.

With the world wide web (a little throwback phrase for you) and, more appropriately, social media to provide constant updates and insights on new ways to communicate with consumers, it’s no wonder my head is spinning. The new buzz phrase of the moment is content marketing. Our team has been doing research on what it means (you can read more here) and it’s gotten me thinking about sharing how I research and stay in the know.

Here are a few ways I keep up to date with the latest news in the PR and outdoor industries.

  • Daily news emails. I receive several daily email digests – from industry news to local news. These digests give me a quick snapshot of the top headlines and almost always provide a thought-provoking article that corresponds to something I’m working on. Also, I’ve just recently started testing to gather articles from various news sources and so far I’m happy with it.
  • Twitter. While I’m not the most active Twitter user, I do appreciate the articles and information the folks I follow share. With succinct headlines, it’s easy for me to pick and choose what pertains to my clients, Costa Sunglasses and B.A.S.S.
  • Webinars. Our team is constantly looking at the PRSA webinar calendar for learning opportunities. Our team sat in on a Pinterest webinar this week that was extremely interesting (and taught me a new way to think about how I pin).
  • Talking. This is one of the things I love about our office, we are constantly talking and asking questions to the group, which is a great way to learn. Inevitably there is information or news that one of our team members has seen that others have missed. We truly work as a team sharing interesting news, ideas and jumping in the trenches with each other when necessary.

How do you stay in the know?

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