Time for some spring-cleaning?

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photo 3Do you have piles of paper stacked up on your desk – you know, the ones you’ve been meaning to look at for a while? Do you have files saved on your desktop that you haven’t opened in months? If this sounds familiar, you might be in need of some major spring-cleaning!

The term “spring-cleaning” can be described as a thorough cleaning of a house or room. But I think it can also apply to work. Take an hour one day this week to clean your desk and put away your files. Trust me – it will feel great once you’re done!

Here are some tips to help keep you organized in case you are thinking to yourself – that’s great, but what about next week when it starts all over again?

  • Write “To Do” lists. Organize your tasks and goals by day, week and month. Try to prioritize by level of importance, knowing that things can change at the last minute. Review the list daily and weekly – and even monthly for longer-term goals.
  • Use your calendar. Keep track of meetings and appointments in a daily planner or online calendar. This is a great place online casino to note important days or travel schedules, too!
  • Simplify. Clutter can be stressful. Try to take some time at the end of each week to clean up your desk and plan your “to do’s” for the next week.
  • Establish routines. Routines help us become more efficient, without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Do what works for you! If you prefer to take notes in a spiral note pad – get one. If you need a daily planner to keep you on track – use it. If you work with numbers all the time – make sure you have a calculator at your side.

Do you have any additional ideas to stay organized at work?

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