The ever-evolving role of the PR pro

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Before social media burst onto the public relations scene, most PR pros prided themselves on being “generators” – writers and creators of content.

While this role is still incredibly relevant, as a recent issue of PRSA’s Strategist explains, our responsibilities have expanded since we’ve taken the lead on social media management for brands. Here’s a quick run-down of the roles of today’s PR pro:

  • Generator – Noted previously, we create original content that is meaningful and relevant to our audiences.
  • Aggregator – We share other people’s content. We read blogs, search Google and monitor conversations on Twitter to find existing information to share on behalf of our brands.
  • Curator – Taking the role of aggregator a step forward, we analyze online content and adapt it for our audiences. We’re specialized experts in the industry’s we represent, and we tailor messages based on what we know is valuable information.

While these expanding roles require new skills to navigate the social media landscape, the core of our PR activities remains the same:

  • Be flexible to opportunities for conversations
  • Understand your audience
  • Know where to find information
  • Realize your objectives
  • Have strong writing skills
  • Be aware of current event

To those PR pros who have seen the changing tide of your roles, what does your job look like now compared to the pre-social media days? Do you think even more responsibilities will be added to our plates in the future? Are we considered more valuable by brand management because of these new skills compared to 10 or 15 years ago? Let’s continue the conversation.

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