Taking on Boston for the sake of Pinterest

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BostonLast week I had the pleasure of traveling to Boston to host a continuing education course for one of our clients. The topic of interest – Pinterest!

The course – “Pinterest and the A&D community: Sharing and inspiring in a digital world” – focuses on the rise of Pinterest in the architecture and design community, and how this social network impacts the ever-evolving industry.

Pinterest continues to be one of the fastest growing social media sites ever brought to the market. As it continues to grow in popularity, the site proves to be a resource for endless inspiration and connections for possible collaborations that might not have happened before.

The course fostered conversations around how Pinterest is an great tool – personally and professionally! Not only did I have a wonderful time talking to the group of designers, but I also enjoyed my first visit to one of the oldest – and highly innovative – cities in the United States.

Visit our Instagram page to see a few pictures from my trip!

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