Maximizing your brand’s influencer outreach

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We’ve been creating so many great projects around the Full Circle PR office lately – I get excited just thinking about them. It’s always so rewarding to work extremely hard on something and see your work come to fruition. We always say around here, “our main goal is to get people talking about our brands.”

Carolyn and I work together on PR initiatives for Loggerhead Apparel, a 100% American-grown, American-made clothing line committed to conservation. (Yes, I will take advantage of a free plug.) As a team, we have been exploring new ways to create conversations about our brand.

Recently, we have been dedicated to key influencer outreach – finding people who directly relate to our brand and have an impact on their audience. Doing this successfully takes a great deal of research. For Loggerhead Apparel, we consider everything about the influencer all the way down to what would make them want to open our package.

For example, last month we focused on Stephen Colbert. He’s a great match for Loggerhead Apparel – “born and raised” on the South Carolina coast, has written two books about America and bringing jobs back to the USA, and donated to local sea turtle conservation. He even had a tracked loggerhead sea turtle, “Stephanie Coburtle,” named after him.

In order to make the most out of an outreach opportunity – whether a high profile person like Colbert or a local – here are a few suggestions I’ve found helpful.

  1. Research. I know I said this earlier, but you can seriously never know enough about your influencer. It’s best to know everything you can about the person in the beginning and then focus in on the high points for the presentation.
  2. Personalize. Much like crafting a pitch for your audience, you must personalize your influencer package. This might be the one thing that makes you stand out over the next company.
  3. Think outside the box. High profile influencers receive packages all the time. What makes your product different? For Colbert, we divided up the products and tagged small witty notes to each. As a whole, the small tags represented the mission and background of Loggerhead Apparel.

There are so many ways to reach your desired audience and tell your brand’s story. By successfully reaching out to key influencers you have the opportunity to greatly increase visibility. What creative ideas have you seen that were buzz generators?

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