Learn what pinners love with Pinterest Analytics

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Full Circle PR's Pinterest page

Full Circle PR’s Pinterest page

I’ve seen a lot of benefits to brands using Pinterest.

  • Brands can share a lifestyle through the pictures, pins and boards they create
  • “Pins” can directly link back to a brand’s website, which can lead to a sale, service – or at least an opportunity to learn more about the brand
  • Through our client activities, we’ve learned designers are actually using Pinterest to share inspiration and ideas with their clients to develop A&D ¬†projects

The one thing I’ve always wanted to see Pinterest offer is data on how many people are seeing the pins, which pins they like the most and what kind of traffic a brand’s page receives.

Pinterest has now introduced web analytics, which:

  • Tracks pin activities, including most recent pins, most liked pins and pins that were clicked on the most
  • Provides metrics for popular days and activities

I love this feature and can’t wait to research it a little more. ¬†With this information, we’ll be able to provide useful content for our brands’ audiences, while also reporting success in numbers/data back to our clients.


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