Facebook News Feed changes: The saga continues

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The News Ticker. The Timeline. The new Search functionality. Facebook is in a constant state of flux; and whether users or marketers like it or not, we’re all in the middle of another update.

On March 8, Facebook announced that it was rolling out changes to the News Feed (Feeds?) – with three updates to be exact:

  • Rich Stories – photos and visual content are displayed more prominently and vividly
  • Choice of Feeds – gives users more control over what stories they see
  • Mobile Consistency – makes the Facebook experience more seamless between desktop and mobile devices

If you’re like me, until recently you thought anything a Facebook friend or “Liked” brand page posts ends up on our News Feed. Wrong.

Facebook has tricky little algorithms that decide what content actually makes it to users’ News Feeds. This system, often referred by social media marketers as EdgeRank, uses four key factors when decided how many friends/fans a post will actually reach.

  • Whether you interacted with the author’s posts before
  • If other people have interacted with the post
  • Your interaction with posts of the same type in the past
  • If the post has received complaints

So, what does it all mean? For marketers, it means brand page content needs to be even more compelling. It’s becoming easier for fans to tune out content and harder for brands to get their stories in front of fans altogether.

If you’re a social media marketer, photos and images are key. Keep posts short and conversational and check your analytics. Constantly evaluate the topics and types of posts your fans engage with the most, and plan future content accordingly. Think of it like an SEO strategy for your brand’s Facebook page.

To our social media marketing readers, have you seen changes in your brand’s Facebook analytics? Has your content reach and engagement rates been affected by these recent updates? If so, how are you adapting your strategy?

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