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Most of us cringe at the thought of email newsletters. Painstaking copy writing and design work – with disappointing open rates – comes to mind for those who create them. Just think of how many email newsletter subscriptions you have that are truly relevant. Probably very few.

But from an internal communications standpoint, email newsletters may be one of the few tools at your disposal for connecting a widespread group of employees or partners.

So, how do you make sure your company newsletter is an effective vehicle for your messages, rather than another ignored corporate email? Below are a few pointers:

  • Consolidate your messages. Avoid sending multiple individual communications to employees in a short period of time. Rather, position the company newsletter as the one-stop source for everything your team needs to know.
  • Maintain consistency. Give your newsletter a name and a design that’s in line with your brand, and deliver it on a predictable basis (i.e. the first Tuesday of every month).
  • Craft an interesting subject line. Don’t expect “April Newsletter” to stand out in anyone’s inbox. Write a catchy one-liner referencing the most important story in each issue for your subject line.
  • Keep it short, and make it graphic. Newsletter stories should be as short and concise as possible. Use bullet points, images and graphs to quickly and easily get your point across. Your employees don’t have the time or attention span to read a dissertation on the company recycling policy.
  • Analyze and adapt. As with any communications tool, track your open rates and link clicks and evaluate your newsletter’s most popular content. Regularly survey your team to learn what information they want to hear from corporate, and how they want to receive this information. Always look for ways to improve the delivery of your messages.

For readers who specialize in internal communications – what do you have to add to the conversation on internal newsletters? Are they an effective tool for updating employees, or have you found better ways to connect with your teams?

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