5 tools to improve client communication

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At FCPR we take pride in being expert communicators. From engaging Facebook fans to hosting weekly internal team meetings  – we are always looking for new ways to be the best communicators we can.

With that, we strongly value communicating – thoroughly and often – with our wonderful clients. As Erin mentioned in her post earlier this week, we are blessed with some phenomenal clients that make our jobs that much more enjoyable.

We often say around here that we actually work for the media, not our clients. Inevitably, if the media is happy, our clients are happy. BUT communicating to our clients that the media is indeed satisfied, is a key piece to the puzzle.

Here are a few ways we make sure client communication stays front and center.

  • Weekly status calls –  We host phone calls with our clients to go over projects on a week-to-week basis. This is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page and bring new ideas to the table – and often. Hannah expands on the benefit of phone conversations versus email here.
  • Pitch reports – This is a great tool to stay organized internally and share media interactions with your client. Pitch reports in a way give your client an insider’s view on feedback from the media. Kim shares the importance of this key document here.
  • Coverage updates – If we have a special event or major initiative, we often compile links to recent coverage in emails and inform our client as soon as we see it coming in.
  • Clip reports – Every month, we compile media coverage and social media analytics to show our success. This is our chance to showcase how our hard work has paid off!
  • Quarterly planning sessions – We often set up quarterly meetings to discuss goals and opportunities for the coming months, and to reflect on past success and/or challenges. This involves more “big picture” planning, compared to our weekly meetings.

How does your firm ensure that they are communicating efficiently with clients? Are their any key tools that you find helpful?

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