Who – or what – is the ultimate inspiration in the A&D community?

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It was once widely accepted that fashion was the first to come to market with new ideas and styles. Designers would wait patiently – and sometimes, impatiently – to see what people would wear down the runway, and then apply the trends to interior décor, fabric patterns or even architecture. But is this still the case?

Some would argue that today, members of the architecture and design community are looking elsewhere for their inspiration. And social media is definitely one of these channels! Not only are designers going to blogs and sites like Pinterest for inspiration, but they are collaborating with each other and even their clients.

This idea is fully supported by feedback we received at a Pinterest course FCPR recently presented on behalf of Milliken.

  • Clients are “pinning” things they like or that inspire them, and – in turn – designers are “pinning” items to share their ideas or that can move the process forward.
  • Pinterest helps define what’s in a client’s mind at the onset of a project. For example, a client’s idea of “contemporary” could be very different from the designer’s interpretation of the style. Using visual images from Pinterest helps them show each other what is in their mind.

So this begs the question – who is influencing whom? Due to the real-time nature of social media – fashion and interior design professionals, and even consumers are able to share their inspiration, influencing trends across the globe.

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