Updates to AP Style include flash mob, Google Hangout

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Adhering to journalistic style is always important to us when reaching out to the media.  Because of this, I’m always interested in keeping up with the latest updates to the AP Style book.  Here are a few I thought were interesting:

An operating system created by Google that’s used in many smartphones and tablets.

The central organizing principle of Google Plus. Users group each other into circles so they can control, on a case-by-case basis, who can see their posts.

flash mob
A gathering of people performing an action in a public place designated by a text message, email, social media post or other notification sent to the participants. Organizers of flash mobs are often aiming to surprise passers-by by performing spontaneous and seemingly pointless actions en masse.

Google Hangout
A function within Google Plus that allows users to have live, face-to-face, multi-person video chats with chosen participants. Google Hangouts On Air are Hangouts in which the video stream displays publicly on the Google Plus profile page of the user who launched the chat. They can also be displayed on the user’s YouTube channel or website.

The use of a number sign (#) in a tweet to convey the subject a user is writing about so that it can be indexed and accessed in other users’ feeds. If someone is writing about the Super Bowl, for example, the use of #superbowl could be an appropriate hashtag. No space is used between the hashtag and the accompanying search term. Hashtags are sometimes used on social networks other than Twitter, such as Instagram.

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