How brand relationships are formed, social media-style

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I’m a book lover. I’ve been part of a book club in my community for the past seven years. Each month, we gather together to discuss our current book, eat great food and just generally have fun.

This month’s book selection is Chanel Bonfire, by Wendy Lawless. (Side note: it’s a poignant story about one woman’s experience growing up in challenging home environment; I thought it was a great, quick read). chanel-bonfire-cover

As I finished the book this week, I noticed the author was active on Twitter (@WendyLawless2). I put a quick tweet out to her letting her know I enjoyed her story. To my surprise and delight, she quickly responded to me and offered to video conference into our book club to answer a few questions.

Are you kidding me?! An author actively reaching out to us offering to respond to our own, personal questions related to her book?! Who wouldn’t jump at that chance? Immediately, word spread through our book club and everyone’s jumping at the chance to send over some questions.

This is a great example of a brand (or in this case, an author) taking the time to really engage with its core audience. While we’ve read dozens of books in our book club over the years, I guarantee you Wendy’s will be the one we’re talking about long after the meeting is over. That kind of engagement makes a lasting impact, and creates loyal brand ambassadors.

Brands, are you actively searching for ways you can engage with your audience? Are you offering to participate in their conversations and share in their experience? If not, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to create lasting fans.

This entire opportunity started with a tweet. Social media technology makes this type of engagement between brands and fans much more accessible. It’s just a matter of taking the time to spot the opportunities. Wendy took the time to respond to my tweet, and put herself out there to engage with us.

The word of mouth marketing opportunities here are huge – already, everyone in our club is telling anyone who will listen how cool it is an author is going to speak to our group. That’s how you create real word of mouth. It’s not manufactured or bought – it’s real because we’re excited to tell people about this unique opportunity headed our way. We want to share with our friends and families why they should read this book.

We’re so glad Wendy is making the time to meet with our group. I guarantee you I’m much more likely to read her books moving forward because she took the time to interact with us on a personal level.

How has a brand or personality engaged with you recently? Do you find yourself more of a fan since then because of that outreach? We’d love to hear from you.

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