Houzz illuminates the lighting industry

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What’s the leading online platform for home remodeling and design? Pinterest probably comes to mind – but it’s no longer the social champion of the home design world.

Started back in 2011, Houzz is a social network just for interior design inspiration. The site is often referred to as the “Pinterest of home decorating” – but offers much more than photo sharing. Houzz also hosts a forum of user-submitted “design dilemmas,” allows users to write recommendations for one another and find local professionals.

Because of its implications for residential lighting products and inspiration, it makes perfect sense for Progress Lighting (a Full Circle PR client) to be involved. Here’s how the brand participates on Houzz:

  • Posts product photos as inspiration. Progress Lighting has a large collection of room setting images that feature the company’s products. Houzz allows us to showcase these photos in “Ideabooks,” which users can also collect and use as inspiration for the rooms of their home.
  • Connects with interior designers. Houzz helps Progress Lighting form new relationships with interior designers by offering product information and inspiration, and also give and receive recommendations from professionals who have used the company’s products.
  • Answers product questions and host conversations. When Houzz users discover Progress Lighting’s photos, they often have questions about the products. Through the site’s “Discussions” feature, we  can answer these requests and form relationships with users.
  • Drives users from Houzz to Progress Lighting’s website. For each photo Progress Lighting shares on Houzz, a link to the product on the company website is also included.  We track these links, and have found that www.progresslighting.com see 200 new visitors from Houzz each month (on average).

Progress Lighting’s Houzz profile

As with any other social media channel, the key to maximizing the benefits of Houzz is to keep content regularly updated. It is also important to track popular photos and plan future posts based on this information, and to proactively engage in discussions with Houzz users.

Are you a Houzz user, or have you participated on the site from a brand perspective?

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