3 tips to boost visual presence

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As you are well aware, the world of communication and social media is rapidly changing. In an effort to maintain our company’s presence and provide the best expertise for our clients, we work to stay active on social media channels.

I have to admit trying to balance your own PR while working for a handful of clients can be quiet daunting. That’s why at Full Circle PR we have individually taken on a social media channel – that gets us excited – to focus on. It is a great way for everyone in the office to contribute but not feel overwhelmed.

In researching the evolution of social media, I think it is important to provide just as much, if not more, visual content than copy.  Look at the success of Pinterest and Instagram? Let’s face it­ – people love pictures.

Over the past month, I’ve been working to improve the FCPR Pinterest page as well as create an Instagram (@FullCircle_PR) presence. I’ve learned a lot about these outlets, and I would highly suggest anyone who’s considering it for their PR business to jump on board! It’s not only fun, but increases your audience, social presence and interaction with followers.  Here are a few suggestions that I have found helpful in building your outlet:

  1. Get Creative. Your content doesn’t have to be just about your industry. For example we not only include a “Public Relations” board on our Pinterest page, but each team member has their own board to give it personality. We also include coverage, products and successes of each client. This makes your page relevant to a much broader audience.
  2. Get Involved. Interacting with users and followers in your industry and within the industries of your brands gets attention. You’re not only engaging yourself with their direct content, but all of their followers as well. It’s a great networking tool.
  3. Be tactical. Using words and phrases that are commonly searched increases your chances of exposure. We posted an image of Costa (FCPR client) coverage including words such as fishing, outdoor, sunglasses, client and media relations into the description. Not only did we receive “likes” from non-followers, but we also gained followers in the fishing and outdoors industry.

These three tips are only a few that can help you boost your presence on visual channels. What are some recommendations that you have found successful?

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