Pinning Purposefully (a Pinterest presentation)

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Attendees at the IIDA Carolinas Triad Pinterest CEU Event.

Attendees at the IIDA Carolinas Triad Pinterest CEU Event.

Last night I had the honor of hosting a Pinterest CEU (continuing education unit) at Paul Brayton Designs for an IIDA Carolinas-Triad chapter event on behalf of one of our clients, Milliken floor covering.

Still with me??

I love talking about Pinterest – as a visual search engine, it really is achieving its mission of “connecting everyone in the world through the things they love.”

It’s especially interesting to hear from architects and designers on how the A&D community is using Pinterest in their profession. Here are some findings that came out of the conversation last night.

  • Designers are using boards to collaborate on projects with their clients. ¬†Clients are “pinning” what inspires them or elements they like in other designs and – in turn – designers are “pinning” items that can move forward the process (renderings, colorways, snap shots of similar spaces, etc).
  • Designers and clients are even taking advantage of the secret boards Pinterest has to offer – so their collaboration isn’t displayed publicly. (To learn more about the purpose of secret boards, please visit Hannah’s blog post from November of last year.)
  • One designer said that Pinterest helps define what’s in a clients mind at the onset of a project. ¬†An example she used was that her idea of “contemporary” was very different than a client’s view of “contemporary” design – using visual images from Pinterest helps them meet on the same playing field.
  • Overall it can be challenging for some clients to describe what’s in their mind, but if they can show an image, then it’s easier for everyone to start from a same reference point.

So, how do you use Pinterest in your profession? We’d love to hear from you.

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