Observations from the new girl

By Posted in - Downtime & Internal Communications on January 18th, 2013 0 Comments

I ran across an article that describes the relationship between people, and the colors and designs around them.

It made me wonder if the theory applies to me. Today is the first day all week that it hasn’t rained. I can actually see the sun shining through the windows, onto my bright coral shirt. Pantone even selected a more colorful shade as “Color of the Day” – deco rose.

As I reflect on the past week, aside from the gray weather, I have come to recognize and adore the energy around the FCPR office. It makes the busiest of times enjoyable, and the days go by too quickly. I have been actively diving into my work, and getting to know more about FCPR and our clients. I look forward to every day in the office – whether rain or shine.

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