Can you turn your hobby into a career?

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There are lots of people who have turned their hobbies into careers, professional athletes are one group who has managed to do it and make it very lucrative. On a smaller scale, hunting and fishing guides have done this and been successful. Some even have their own shows on television – I like to watch the shows on Saturday mornings and dream about the opportunity to hunt one of the many exciting places they feature.

While turning one’s hobby into a career may not be feasible for everyone, it helps to work in the same industry as your hobby. I am lucky enough to say that I fit in the category to have landed a job in the industry I love – the outdoor industry.

My love of the outdoors is essential to my role here at FCPR. As everyone knows, building relationships with editors and writers is key in the public relations business. And since everyone I talk with (clients included) is immersed in the outdoor industry, it’s the quickest way I can relate and begin forging a friendship. It doesn’t hurt that I love the brands I work with too!

In talking with editors about my clients (Costa Sunglasses and B.A.S.S.), I enjoy hearing stories of their fishing and hunting adventures. A few of the editors are usually surprised that I’ve hunted in some of the same places they go, but ultimately that’s one of the things that helps me gain their trust.

While some of you who have met me or seen my picture may think my love for the outdoors is odd because I never leave home without my pearls, I assure you, ask me one question about my bird dogs or hunting and you’ll get a barrage of stories about our dogs and trips. My pearls are merely a staple of my attire, so I wear them with everything, my hunting vest included.

Here’s a little bit of back story for you… I’ve always been somewhat outdoorsy, but it wasn’t until five years ago, before we got our first dog, that I truly fell in love with the outdoors. What caused this sudden love you might ask? I learned how to shoot skeet! And then promptly laid claim on my husband’s shotgun (don’t worry, it didn’t take him long to replace it).

After my husband taught me how to shoot we got our first bird dog and I delved into the world of hunting and field trialing. Since then we’ve added two more dogs and two horses to our family. Not to mention, most of our vacations revolve around hunting or field trialing. I never thought I’d opt for a trip to Montana to hunt and train dogs over the beach, but I do!

It’s truly wonderful to fit so nicely into a position working for a great company, with great brands, in an industry I’m passionate about. Have you ever entertained the idea of turning your hobby into a career or changing positions to work in an industry you love?

Here’s a photo from one of our trips to South Dakota (the dog on the far right is our oldest German Shorthaired Pointer, Mae).


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