Why you shouldn’t spam – anyone, ever

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Don’t you hate it when you meet someone and you give them your business card and they immediately add you to an email newsletter distribution list that has no relevance to you?

This has happened to me through LinkedIn, too. Someone adds me as a professional contact – then abuses the fact that they now have access to my email address.

Let’s get this straight:
I am smart enough to know when you are spamming me.  And it won’t work in your favor. 

How about?

  • Try getting to know me first.
  • Try developing a relationship with me BEFORE you need something.
  • Try to act like you care about what I need to be successful.

I can’t imagine that spam actually gets any business or leads to real relationships.

Back to my title, “Why you shouldn’t spam – anyone, ever.” One of the most recent (and biggest) reasons I’ve seen?  Because it will get you FIRED.

This article explains why a travel booking service fired their PR firm for spamming a group of bloggers.  If you don’t have time to read the article, here’s a quick summary:

  • PR firm invites bloggers to try out company’s new app
  • PR firm collects bloggers’ email addresses
  • PR firm uses contact information to disseminate information to bloggers that is irrelevant to them – and not associated with the company’s new app
In a Tweet, responding to the article, I wrote this:
And I feel it’s true.  If a PR firm can target their message, they will talk to people who would be receptive to their message.  This takes work.  It’s not easy and is sometimes tiring – but it pays off.
Add a little common sense and respect to the equation and you get hard working professionals who get results – not angry clients, bloggers and a viral story that ruins your credibility.


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