Top #OverheardatFCPR moments in 2012

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If you follow Full Circle PR on Twitter, you may have seen a hashtag we use from time to time: #OverheardatFCPR. These are usually fun or funny comments we’ve heard around the office that make us chuckle internally.

Since this has become something of an ongoing tradition, I’d like to share our team’s favorite #OverheardatFCPR moments from 2012.  Drumroll please:

“Do you think I can get wi-fi in my car, so I can work while I drive to Florida?” – @molliefell #OverheardatFCPR #dedication #ummm-no

“The baby giraffe is so young it doesn’t even have a name…or a gender.” via @caitlingreeley #OverheadatFCPR @MollieFell @swankyhannah

“You broke the Biltmore.” #overheardatFCPR A’ville edition cc @LizaPJones @caitlingreeley @carolynnic06 @swankyhannah@molliefell @HRMiller

  • Submitted by Kim

“If she doesn’t like cats – it’s over.” via @caitlingreeley#OverheardatFCPR cc:// @mishelleya @kimbankspr @lizapjones

  •  Submitted by Liza

@caitlingreeley I think you sat on a post-it… Oh! Retrofit Tuesday…#OverheardatFCPR

“So, I don’t want to intimidate you, but I made a matrix.” – via @caitlingreeley #OverheardatFCPR #worldtakeovercc: @MishelleyA

  • Submitted by Shelley (our honorary FCPR team member who is raising an adorable son, Liam!!)

RT @caitlingreeley: “You could color block your baby.”#OverheardatFCPR @molliefell @MishelleyA

WARNING, Shameless plug about our awesome team: Also, I’ve linked all our team member’s Twitter handles with their names – because, if you aren’t following them, you should be.  They are funny, smart and witty and share invaluable information for PR pros.

P.S. While Carolyn didn’t provide a favorite (she has some good content for future Year in Review posts), the image in the post is attributed to her very own #OverheardatFCPR.  She’s getting married this Saturday and we’re happy to report she will no longer be camping.


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