Top 5 digital marketing trends on the horizon for 2013

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Have you ever taken the time to close your computer, put down your iPhone and turn off your television to realize just how fast communication–in regards to digital marketing–is evolving?

As I was stuck in holiday traffic today, amongst drivers who were definitely not in the holiday spirit, I decided to “tweet” my frustration to my Twitter followers. (A 20-something working in the PR field – it comes naturally). Less than ten minutes later, I received a reply promoting an iPhone app to play while you’re stuck in holiday traffic.

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Seriously? I think the idea is rather ingenious from a PR perspective, but is this what marketing has come to? It reminded me that digital marketing trends are evermore targeted and evolving. How can a digital marketing agency help me? Well they can help you get your site up and running. Whether we use these trends in our own strategies or not, we believe here at Full Circle PR, that it’s important to stay informed.

So, what digital marketing trends are on the horizon for 2013? gives an inside look in a recent article.

Here’s the top five:


1. Brand Accountability- “Social media reputation management has never been more important, and brand transparency is critical.”

2. Brand Trust- Social media outlets have become a great resource to find out the truth about products, through consumer reviews. “It’s a lot harder to earn consumers’ trust in your brand today, and it will be even harder in 2013.”

3. Brand Flexibility- Technology is constantly improving, and the majority of U.S. citizens have access to the web 24/7. It is up to brands to adapt and keep up with change.

4. Brand Experience- Every brand should be sharing their stories and brand experiences online in 2013, if they aren’t already.

5. Brand Visualization- Visual content has become “the forefront” of digital publishing.

Check out additional digital marketing trends from “10 Brand Marketing Trends that Should Dominate 2013.” Is your brand ready?

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