Three media relations tips to remember

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I’ve been at FCPR for almost two months now¹ and in the last few weeks I’ve been doing more media outreach. I’ve been pitching new products for 2013, as well as following up with media contacts to see if they’ll be attending an upcoming event.

As I’ve gotten into my rhythm of pitching and talking to the media, I’ve also been noting things I’d like to improve upon in 2013. My notes coincided perfectly with an article I read yesterday on about tips to better serve journalists.

Here my top three tips:

  • Provide images and videos. Most of my pitching recently has included imagery, but not a full gallery. My lifesavers for storing and sharing images are the Google Drive and Dropbox. I upload images to these sites and have access to them via my computer or smartphone for those last minute requests that come after I’ve left the office.
  • Know who you’re pitching. Do the research! Regardless of what media database you use, do your homework on the contact you’re reaching out to. It also helps to check out their recent work, so you have additional conversation points. Before I pick up the phone to talk with a media contact, I make notes² on where they live³, details on recent stories and any specific notes from my pitch that would be especially relevant to the contact.
  • Serve as a resource. You can gain a lot of credibility with your media contacts if you are in the mindset of serving as a resource for them. Reach out to them to learn about what they’re currently working on; don’t only call when you have a pitch. They’re more apt to open up to you when the conversation is focused on them, versus when you dominate the conversation with a pitch. This helps to build their trust and expand your relationship to more than just another PR person.

What are your top media relations tips?



1 Yay!
2 I tend to remember things better if I write them down, I suppose this could be equated to saying someone’s name three times to help you remember it.
3 I realize this seems like a no-brainer, but for me it’s the first step and if I have knowledge of the area I use it as a conversation starter.

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