One month down, many to go!

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December marks the start of my second month with Full Circle Public Relations! As a former ad agency-er who went client side, only to make the jump back to agency life, I can tell you it’s been wonderful so far. I can only expect that it will keep getting better.

It is with great pride (and excitement¹)² that I tell you, our team rocks! From each team member’s professionalism and great attitude to the quality work we do for our clients, I’m not sure it gets better than this. I’m sure you think I’m going overboard, so you can refer to Kim’s Thanksgiving post for support of my point of view.

My first month challenged me on several fronts, from building my first media list to writing my first blog post. The team has been extremely helpful and supportive as I have worked through each and asked for help along the way. I learn something new each day and I’m continuing to ingrain myself in our clients’ businesses, in order to provide the best public relations support possible.

A few insights from my first month at Full Circle Public Relations:

  • There are multiple ways to build a media list and everyone has their own process. (I’m still fine-tuning mine)
  • Flex-Fridays are nice, even when you’re in the office.
  • Clip reports are exciting, even if you’re not the client. (I love reviewing the coverage we secure for our clients and I get excited each time I see their names in print.)³

I am ever appreciative of the opportunity I have with FCPR and will continue to give 110% to our team and clients!


¹ True story – I’m always excited when I talk about FCPR. Great coworkers, great clients, great work. What more is there to say?
² I would be remiss if I didn’t credit my love of footnotes to New York Times Best Selling author Jen Lancaster (author of “Bitter is the New Black,” “My Fair Lazy,” and “If You Were Here”).
³ I really do get giddy about it!

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