Maximizing content for your brand’s social media tools

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It is nothing new to say that best social media practice for brands requires that companies contribute useful, relevant and interesting content for friends, fans and followers online. At FCPR, it is understood that all content shared online is purposeful. However, when you’re managing multiple social media tools for your brands, it can be difficult to continuously create interesting posts for social media. To overcome this hurdle, have a plan in place to maximize each piece of information you share.

For example, Pantone recently announced that the color of the year for 2013 was going to be emerald green. If you’re in the architecture and design industry, there are multiple ways to stretch content out of this single piece of information. ¬†You might:

  • Share the blog post announcing the color of the year through a Facebook post, which is in turn linked to your Twitter feed.
  • Share your products that are emerald green with multiple pins on Pinterest and share them on Facebook, which will also upload to your Twitter feed.
  • Create a series of blog posts that describe the many ways to infuse the color of the year into interior design and ¬†fashion. Share the blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Comment on others’ posts about the color of the year and re-tweet, re-pin share their posts on social media.

Re-tooling and maximizing content is simple for any industry. All that it requires is a little strategic planning, creativity and execution. How do you effectively and efficiently get the most out of your social media content?

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