Looking back at 2012: Copy writing at its finest

By Posted in - Blog & Media Relations & Writing on December 4th, 2012 0 Comments

As Mollie mentioned in yesterday’s post, each one of us at Full Circle PR has seen success from media relations efforts and pitching our clients this year.

My personal favorite moment came in April. I was standing in line at my local grocery store, perusing the magazine stand at the check-out. I spotted the 2012 issue of Better Homes & Gardens’ annual Lighting magazine.

Back in the fall of 2011, I not only submitted a long list of my client’s products to the publication, but also brainstormed numerous copy ideas for the company’s ad in the magazine.

And there it was. On Page 2, the physical result of my hard work.

Not only was my copy chosen for the ad, but the company had multiple mentions throughout the publication. And it was all the result of diligence, brainstorming and knowing the consumer industry and audience.

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