Insights from 2012

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With 2012 winding to a close, we find ourselves reviewing the previous 12 months and looking forward to the next 12. For me, a few things I’ve learned in 2012 really stand out.

  • Ask “why?”
    This may sound insanely annoying or 5-year-old-esque¹, but asking “why?” when presented with a situation or constraint that you don’t understand will not only help you to understand it, but it may also allow you to understand the big picture. Understanding the overarching goal, often leads to discussion around the current projects and whether they are the right projects to be spending time on.
  • Be a resource
    To be fair, I learned this long before 2012, but it has been reinforced this year. As a newfound PR professional, my job is to serve as a resource to the media and our clients. Writers are inundated with emails and pitches on a daily basis, so my goal² is to serve as a resource and provide them with information and sources that are relevant to their field and current projects.
  • It’s all about relationships
    Everything in life is about cultivating the relationships you have and building new relationships. This pertains to everything from friends, to coworkers to media contacts. If you are cultivating your relationships and putting in the effort, you will see the return, whether it’s a coworker helping you out or an editor contacting you for a story. A big part of cultivating relationships is listening, which could be an entirely separate post³.

Among everything I’ve learned, or that’s been reinforced, this year, these three pieces of wisdom are the best from my toolkit. What did you learn this year that’s worth sharing?



¹ Just ask my husband, as he is constantly annoyed by my need to understand “why” he’s asking me to do something (especially when it comes to training our bird dogs).

² Note that this is not just a personal goal, but a company goal at FCPR.

³ If there were a separate post, it would be a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, as listening more than I talk is something I am working on.

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