How can you improve blogger outreach?

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Blogs have become mainstream for sharing information. More information is being shared than could ever be read in a lifetime. Bloggers cover just about any topic you can imagine from underwater basket weaving (no, really) to parenting tips.

Here at FCPR, we’ve worked throughout 2012 to learn the best blogger outreach practices. I’ll admit we’ve shared some great success, especially in the consumer and A&D industries, but a few times we’ve had to step back and reevaluate where we could improve.

As PR professionals, we commonly read about the best ways to pitch a blogger, and how to research the best-fit blog for your client. As those are important steps to pay attention to, I think we all too often fall short on remembering to engage with bloggers.

Over the past few months, I’ve realized it’s easy to get caught up in finding the perfect blog and drafting the perfect pitch that you forget to slow down and create relationships. The vast majority of bloggers value their page much differently than journalists see their publication. Writing for their blog is a passion, not their daily work, therefore they treasure it like a child.

As PR professionals, it should be our job to gain the trust of bloggers through engagement. By engaging with bloggers, you are proving to them that you aren’t some PR guru e-blasting every blog out there. You have done your research – their audience and content is a perfect match for your brand. Before sending that wonderful pitch, take a step back and increase your chance of coverage by engaging with these online casinos bloggers. Sure it might take a little longer, but I’ve learned from experience it will increase your chance of coverage.

So, just how can you engage with them? Consider these suggestions from BlogDash, a great blogger outreach database to find, engage and pitch bloggers.

1. Comment. Whenever you see a post that is relevant to the story you plan to pitch, contribute to the post without sounding “pitchy.” Provide valuable content or an alternative outlook.

2. Reply. For popular bloggers who receive a large amount of attention on twitter, replying to their tweets may be more effective than simply “retweeting.”

3. Email. Believe it or not, the first email contact does not have to be your pitch. Ask them a question about their latest post or share your personal thoughts. Email can serve as a great way to build initial relationships.

4. Involve.  Ask for a quote to use in your own blog post or consider a full interview. If bloggers feel like they have been involved in the project from the get-go, they are more inclined to feel as though they own a part of it.

The main objective in engaging with bloggers is, essentially, to get them to recognize your name more than your brand. You will have created a relationship with the blogger, gaining their trust and a greater possibility of success in pitching your campaign.

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