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The FCPR team enjoying a wine tasting at Biltmore during a recent team outing.

The FCPR team enjoying a wine tasting at Biltmore during a recent team outing.

Last week we shared our top #OverheardatFCPR moments for 2012.

Today I’d like to reflect on our team’s favorite moments within the agency, which also includes what they are most proud of and/or a milestone they were able to achieve. Read on to learn more.

  • Caitlin – “The big new business pitch over the summer. It was so great to have the team band together for the project and everyone played a role. I think we did a great job of demonstrating proof of our great work and what we’re capable of.”
  • Carolyn – “I definitely see our trip to Charlotte as a success for my own professional development, as well as furthering the relationship with our client. For me personally, I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with Rack Room Shoes‘ [FCPR client] personnel in a new setting and from a different perspective.”
  • Hannah – “When Kim took time out of our ‘professional agency status meeting’ to ask about my love life. As if I didn’t already know, I then knew that FCPR was where I belong. We work hard and produce great work while still taking the time to laugh and really enjoy one another.”
  • Heather – “My recent meeting with Liza about our clients, the work we’re doing, the company and the opportunities that lie ahead. I already felt like part of the team, but that conversation solidified two things: first, I’ll always know where I stand with Liza (and Kim), and second, I can’t wait to my first of many anniversaries with FCPR.”
  • Liza – “Sitting at the Bistro at the Biltmore in Asheville, sipping wine and eating lunch, with the whole team together at one table. We were laughing and talking – and just enjoying the moment. That’s one of my favorite memories this year.”
  • Mollie – “Being able to travel on behalf of Milliken [FCPR client] to present CEUs on social media.”

As for my favorite moment? It has to be moving into our new space this past March.  It’s been awesome to get settled here and have more room to grow, while also offering more room to have different conversations on behalf of the agency and our clients.  Plus, we’re getting a Corporate Deli on campus at the beginning of the new year AND get to enjoy a pair of ducks who call a pond on campus “home” during the spring.

Overall, 2012 has treated us well!

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