5 strategies for creative consumer engagement

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If you’re an avid FCPR blog reader, you probably know by now, we love to work here. Like Heather mentioned in yesterday’s blog, it’s exciting! I often have to refrain myself from talking too much outside the office about recent coverage, an awesome brainstorm session we had or how my colleagues make me laugh.

However, when I look back on the few months I have been a part of the Full Circle family, I must admit, my favorite aspect has been the ongoing challenge. In the PR world, there’s a constant need for creativity, especially when working with the consumer industry.

We are always asking ourselves, “Is this the best resource? If I were the consumer, what would I want to know? How is my client’s brand relevant? Who are the key influencers?” and so forth. It amazes me that some of the strategies we applied, just six months ago, are now outdated by our own standards. If we aren’t looking for ways to perform better, then what are we doing?

I can definitely say our team has done a superb job of challenging ourselves with this throughout 2012, and we have seen the rewarding outcomes. In an attempt to raise brand awareness about our client, Loggerhead Apparel, we recently reached out to veterans who served on the U.S.S. Loggerhead, and thanked them for their service with a free shirt for Pearl Harbor Day. While the U.S.S. Loggerhead is not the namesake of Loggerhead Apparel – the Loggerhead Sea Turtle is – the team had a great idea to show appreciation to veterans during a time many would be remembering their service.

PR for the consumer industry demands creative, fresh and unique ideas to share your brands and stay ahead. Here are a few suggestions from my daily experience of tackling (and enjoying) this challenge:

1)  Share your thoughts. Ever heard of the game Apples to Apples? You never know when your thoughts might inspire a bigger, better idea.

2)  Absorb. Pay attention to what’s going on in society. What’s all the buzz about, and how does your client fit in?

3)  Research. It’s our job as PR pros to know what competition our brands are up against in the industry.

4)  Take notes. What has worked in the past with your client? What hasn’t?

5)  Think ahead. The more time you have to bounce around ideas in your head about upcoming projects, the better they can be.  If you’re like me, your best ideas may come on your daily run, and not the conference room.

What are some tactics you’ve learned this past year in finding new ways to create ideas for your brands?

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