5 steps to develop a successful brand promotion

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As we plan for 2013, we have already begun thinking about potential contests that we can develop and host for our clients. Promotions and contests come in many shapes and sizes and can be tailored to span multiple industries. From an online Pinterest contest (such as the Matchmaker Contest we put on earlier this year for FCPR client Progress Lighting) to an annual photo contest (like the Back to School contest for client Rack Room Shoes), promotions can be very different and may be presented through multiple channels.

Although promotions can yield very positive results for brands when implemented effectively, it is important to remember that they take time, thought and careful planning to be a success. Here are a few tips for putting together a strong contest.

  • Outreach – be targeted and timely. It is important to develop a strategic outreach plan to get the word out about your contest. Determine who your target audience is and what channels they engage on. Be timely in your outreach efforts allowing enough time for people to learn about the contest and enter.
  • Entry details – be simple and straightforward. The lower the barrier to entry the better. You may have a really creative idea that seems perfect for your brand, but when it comes down to it, people don’t have time to read ten rules and follow 20 steps. Present your entry requirements in less than 5 short, easily digestible bullet points. The simpler, the better.
  • Announcements – be bite-sized and to the point. When announcing your contest to the public, don’t post an essay describing every detail. Whether using Facebook, Twitter, email, whatever – keep it straight and to the point.
  • Prizesbe relevant and attractive. Choose a prize that people will actually want, but also relates to your brand. For example, Rack Room Shoes hosts promotions throughout the year in which they award schools a series of grants. Supporting school systems with large grants is something people find worthwhile to win. It is also relevant  to Rack Room Shoes’ customer-centric culture and resonates with one of the company’s target audience – families.
  • Updatesbe prepared and mindful. Develop a list of likely FAQs (such as ‘when will the winners be announced?’) and post periodic updates letting people know the answer – perhaps even before they ask it. Respond promptly to questions and let your audience know the status of the contest.


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