Vetting out social media tools – a must for brands online

By Posted in - Blog & Public Relations & Social Media on November 12th, 2012 0 Comments

During a recent conversation with a friend about social media,  I was reminded how important it is to vet out social media tools for brands. You simply cannot take part in everything – and do it well, and see results. First comes first, do your research to see if specific social media tools are an appropriate fit for your brands.

The discussion reminded me of a blog post I wrote earlier in 2012 about vetting out social media tools, and in light of my recent conversation, I wanted to summarize it for you again.

Not every platform is going to be useful for every brand in every industry.  The key is vetting out each tool to see how using it would benefit your brand – and mainly, your brand’s customers.

When assessing social media applications for your brand, be sure to ask these 7 questions.

  1. Is this where our consumers and our industry are interacting?
  2. What type of content is currently being shared on this platform and how does it differ from those of other social media tools?
  3. How can we use this application to be a resource for our consumers?
  4. Does this platform’s personality line up with our company culture?
  5. How could you give a different insight into your company through this tool?
  6. Can your brand interact on this platform without pushing your products or services?
  7. Are your competitors present?

Analyze these questions each time a new social media platform takes the world by storm. If your consumers are having relevant conversations on it and you could contribute valuable information to it, consider it as a next step. Just don’t do it blindly without knowing the platform and what it means to your brand first.

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