To call or not to call?

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In this week’s status meeting, Liza and Kim challenged the FCPR team to start taking advantage of phone conversations, versus email, in this ever-impersonal society.

Phone calls can take the guess work and waiting out of e-mail outreach. Rather than emailing a contact, and over-analyzing whether they are just busy or if your message could have (gasp!) been disregarded; it’s just as convenient to pick up the phone and talk with the contact. It allows you to be more productive throughout your day, convey tone, and maintain greater personal relationships.

Although the most common use for phone conversations in the PR world would presumably be pitching, could it not also be research? It is important to know as much as possible about your client’s vision, as well as your media outlets.  So why not pick up the phone once-in-a-while to find out more information?

Here are a few examples for using the phone to become more efficient in researching for your brands:

  • Call clients for clarification, decisions or updates. Who knows? They might bring up new projects they haven’t yet had a chance to connect with you about.
  • Compliment an editor on their recent article within your industry. While they’re on the line, inform them about your latest (relevant) product, and offer to serve as a resource.
  • Inquire about trade shows to find out what type of consumers will be present, or what media outlets might be in attendance.

Not to say you should stop sending emails, but think about which form of communication is most fitting in accomplishing your goal.  Here at Full Circle PR, we’ve realized phone calls can be a great resource for quick answers, clarification and exchanging information. How are you communicating?

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