Three tips for maximizing your media meetings at trade shows

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Last week I had the chance to attend IFMA’s World Workplace 2012 in San Antonio, Texas with one of our clients, MilliCare. The expo offered a great chance to connect with our contacts in person and meet other members of the organization.

As with most other trade shows, editors and other representatives from industry magazines attended the show – offering a great opportunity to meet in person with the folks we typically work with over phone or email.

If you’re a PR professional, you’re probably no stranger to meeting with key media contacts. But there’s no harm in dusting off your best practices for trade show media relations. Here’s three tips following my trip to IFMA:

  • Reach out early. Editors’ calendars fill up fast, especially at industry events. Connect with the contacts you expect to attend at least one month in advance of the show. Don’t forget to offer your company as a resource in your message in case the editor isn’t attending or can’t meet in person, but still has a story where you could be a resource.
  • Be prepared. As a PR professional, you’re job is to be the liason between the media outlet and your brand’s representatives. Brief your spokesperson before each meeting and review the key messages you hope to cover in the conversation. Also familiarize yourself with each publication’s most recent issue and editorial calendar, so you can reference potential story ideas during the meeting.
  • Follow up promptly. Connect with each individual you spoke with and thank them for their time no more than one week after the show. If you spoke about specific story ideas or if the editor requested additional information, be sure to follow through with the opportunity.
For those seasoned PR professionals who have multiple editor meetings and trade shows under their belts, what other points would you add to this list? Let’s hear your best practices for in-person media relations.


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