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The impending election is on everyone’s mind and it is especially prominent across my social network feeds. While reviewing posts of varying political nature, I came across an article stating, “Washington’s communication culture is streaked with profanity.”

First of all, since when does professional communication include profanity? After reading the article, it became clear that it might be time to review some basics of media relations. Fostering positive relationships is key in media relations and I’m willing to bet the less profanity you use, the better.

Here are my three recommendations to foster positive relationships with the media:

  • Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Everyone wants to be treated with courtesy and respect, so remember that when dealing with reporters. They have a job to do as well, and acting with professional decency will get you farther than being rude and abrasive.
  • Communicate: It was brought to my attention today that there are some professionals who don’t respond to media requests. To me this is just unfathomable. My job is to pitch and secure coverage for my clients and if I’m not responding to and communicating with the media that isn’t going to happen. Even if I can’t accommodate a media request, I still follow up. If communicated in the proper manner the reporter will understand, and will be receptive to your future pitches.
  • Do your homework: When pitching stories to the media, make sure you’re talking to the reporter who covers your industry or has previous experience with the topic you are pitching. With social networks, researching reporters and writers is easier than ever and allows the ability to tailor the pitch to maximize effectiveness.

These recommendations may seem basic, but they are key when fostering positive media relationships.

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