Pinterest reveals a secret – how will you use it for your brand?

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Have you heard the latest (and possibly temporary) addition to Pinterest? Pinterest is trying out a new feature that allows users to own “secret boards.” These are boards that only the user can see, unless they opt to eventually share publicly.

Thoughts? My initial reaction probably wasn’t exactly what Pinterest was looking for – why would I want to make my boards private when the whole concept of Pinterest is to visually share inspiration?

Then it hit me. What a perfect resource to use for brands!  I can think of at least three new ways to incorporate these secret idea boards for our clients here at FCPR.

  1. Brainstorming. We are continuously trying to find ways to make client events and trade shows better than in years past. A secret board would be a great resource to fill with brainstorm ideas, such as themes and giveaways, for internal use only.
  2. Clients. PR pros can utilize this tool to share ideas and deliberate with clients. It’s an easy way to visually organize and highlight your ideas and plans before sharing them publicly. 
  3. Promotions. We love to host promotions for our brands through Pinterest, but I’ve always been bothered by the idea that followers have the ability to watch us “build” the Pinterest board. It’s almost like watching a theatrical performance from backstage – it’s sloppy and incomplete. Having a secret board capability allows us to create, edit and review it before opening it up the public.

Have you tried the secret Pinterest boards yet? If so, what are some ways you plan to incorporate them into future initiatives for your brand?

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