Media relations: Documenting client coverage

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This week we have been discussing best media relations practices. From trade shows to media tours, media relations is obviously a huge part of what we do – and we pride ourselves in doing it well.

To close out this week, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss documenting media coverage – as this is what we do to close out the month and share our success with our clients in an organized form.

For us, the easiest way to document and share coverage is through monthly clip reports, most often put together in a visual presentation format like powerpoint. Here are some tips for putting together a clip report:

  • Stay organized throughout the month – Whenever I see coverage come in, I put it in a designated folder immediately. It is imperative to be proactively organized, especially when you have national clients, like Milliken, that bring in a variety of clips per month.
  • Present the coverage in a clear, visually appealing format – We are proud of the media coverage we receive for our clients and it would be a shame to present it in a confusing or hard to read format. Consider including images of the coverage or publication – whether through scanned in clips or online screen shots.
  • Provide a detailed table of contents – This may seem like an obvious pointer for a report, but a detailed table of contents will provide a full overview of that month’s coverage for easy referral. Include the title of the publication, the date published and the topic covered to easily see the outlets and products covered for the month.
  • Offer multiple ways to view the coverage – Whenever we have a clip that is available online, we will always include the link to the article. As awesome as it would be if our clients could read the whole article right on the slide, this isn’t necessarily realistic. However, providing a visual of the clip with a supporting link allows the client to see where it is featured and easily reference the full article.
  • Save the reports for future reviews – Old reports can come in handyin yearly reviews, internal presentations or even new business opportunities. So make sure to hold on to those reports!

How do you present coverage to your clients? Any other pointers?

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