Media Relations: Conducting a media tour

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This week we’re going to focus on media relations, a core activity of any public relations strategy. Today, I would love to talk about how to conduct a media tour. Media tours are a great way to introduce yourself – and your client – to those who might help share your brand’s stories.

I recently conducted  a media tour in Charleston, S.C. for our client, Loggerhead Apparel, and it was a great success. In fact, we received lots of great media coverage almost immediately after the tour.

So how do you conduct a media tour? Simply follow the steps below.

  • Research area publications that would be a good fit for your client. Make sure that editors you include on your media tour cover topics that you can relate to your brand.
  • Reach out to specific editors to see if they will join you for a quick meeting. Offer to meet them at a local coffee shop, or their office if they are on deadline.
  • Follow-up with editors who don’t respond. Polite persistence is key – and is actually how I was able to get coverage with an editor who wasn’t able to meet with me.
  • Refresh yourself the day before your meetings on any recent articles or blog posts the editors have written. This will provide great talking points – and show the editors that you pay attention to the content they share.
  • Get to know the editors you are meeting and don’t make the conversation all about your client. The purpose of a media tour is to get to know editors and form a friendship, so that you can provide them with relevant stories in the most effective way. This will go a long way in forming relationships.
  • Follow-up after your meetings with personal thank you notes. This is a great way to keep the conversation about your client going – and to show appreciation for the editors’ time.

Again, conducting a media tour is a great way to introduce yourself and your client to editors who might help share your brand’s story. What are your thoughts on the subject?



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