How to connect with “mommy bloggers”

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In preparation for this post, I decided to do an online search by typing in:

“brands, mommy bloggers”

As you can imagine, I found pages and pages of links to articles suggesting how both can work together in perfect harmony.  For example:

For some brands, mommy bloggers can be a crucially important target market.

We’re in the middle of working with mommy bloggers on a product and this is what we’ve learned:

  • Research – Just like any other pitch you craft, research is a key element of connecting with a mommy blogger. Reference recent posts, learn more about the blogger’s interests and find a way your product/service can help her provide interesting/relevant information to her audience.
  • Make her job easy – Do you want the blogger to test a product? Do you want her to talk about a promotion that’s going on?  Is she interested in a co-authored post? Find out what kind of content fits most with her audience and offer ways to streamline the process.
  • Revamp approach if needed – I’ll admit it.  When we originally started pitching this audience, our tone was a little too promotional.  This resulted in us getting sponsorship offers.  We thought our story could be told through editorial, though, and ended up revising our pitch to address the importance of spending quality family time together.  It’s really helped the success of our pitching.

And, because I have a slight fascination with this visual tool: Cue the mommy blogger infographic.

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