Giving thanks for an awesome team

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This year has held many successes for our team at Full Circle PR, including:

  • National media coverage for our clients
  • Successful social media campaigns for our clients
  • New business wins
  • A growing team

The last bullet is the reason for our collective successes.  I thought it would be appropriate to give thanks to each of our team members.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  • Caitlin – Thank you for sticking with us for 3 years! As our very first full-time employee, you’ve changed with us as we’ve grown and have helped to mentor our team along the way.
  • Carolyn – Thank you for staying sane while planning one of the biggest events in your life. In between wedding showers in St. Louis, welcoming a new niece and attending your sister’s wedding, you still are able to bring awesome ideas and skills to the table for our clients.
  • Hannah – Thank you for showing us that you can have many passions – and be successful at them all.  From a professional PR pro to an actress (and even a voting ballot expert), it’s been fun to watch you juggle all the activities that make you “you.”
  • Heather – Thank you for being a friend first – and also joining our team and doing great work from Day 1.  I’m excited to have you work alongside Liza on our boating/fishing clients and look forward to celebrating successes with you.
  • Liza – Thank you for being an awesome business partner and friend! I believe we can do anything we can put our minds to – and look forward to the future.  How is it possible that we’ve not had to take anything to the hat for more than three years?!
  • Mollie – Thank you for your sassy, fun, enthusiastic and energetic presence.  The clients love you and I think you bring such a wonderful dynamic to our team. I’m so glad that you stayed with us to start the FCPR Charleston chapter!
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