Do better job perks make happier employees?

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I read an article today on Mashable by Kate Freeman, “Employees Say Vacation Days Make-or-Break a Job.”  (And it has an infographic! You know how we like a good infographic around here……I’ll link to it at the end).

Americans are notorious for overworking themselves. We take the fewest vacation days of any industrialized country in the world. And while we’ve all read the studies, like Freeman points out, most people, especially on smaller teams, tend to feel guilty taking time off and leaving other employees with additional work.

At Full Circle PR, Kim and I constantly look for ways to improve the work/life balance for our team (and for ourselves). Most recently we implemented “Flex Fridays” into our culture. Monday through Thursday, our team is in the office longer hours, and on Friday they can work a half day — and they can do it from home.

All of our team members have laptop computers, we’ve supplied our account managers with iPads and our system is cloud-based for quick and easy access. The workload is the same, the client deadlines are the same and the expectation of quality work is the same, if not higher. But it allows our team to wake up on Friday mornings and work from the comfort of their home – or closest coffee shop – if they so choose. And the office is still open and available to them should they prefer to come in and work there.

And since they know they can take off on Friday afternoons now without having to use up PTO days, everyone works harder to check the ‘to-do’s’ off of their list. They’re still on call and responsive via email and phone calls – but they don’t necessarily have to be sitting in our office to do that.

We’re able to offer this kind of perk because we have an incredibly responsible, smart team. And if offering them a more flexible work schedule makes them happier, then Kim and I are happier, too.

What kind of perks would attract or keep you in a job? Kim and I are always looking for new ways to enhance our culture and we’d love to hear some new ideas from you!

Oh, and lest I forget, here’s the “Striking the Work Life Balance” Infographic from Mashable today:



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