A strategy sneak peek: Rack Room Shoes’ Gift of Music contest

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One of my favorite parts of my job is the task to constantly think – and rethink – creatively to develop strategic plans that further the goals of our clients. There’s nothing I love more than a hearty challenge that requires a solid brainstorming session, collaboration and creative thought.

Obviously, strategic planning comes in many forms – such as planned social media strategies that increase user engagement to targeted media relations efforts.

Strategic planning is also crucial in promotional activities. For example, Rack Room Shoes is currently hosting a holiday video contest (shameless plug) in which entrants can upload a video of a rendition of a holiday song for a chance to win a $15,000 music grant for their school, among other prizes.

Our goal is to obviously receive as many entries as we can. After the contest was posted, we noticed a slow start to the number of entries. So, here’s where the creativity and strategy comes in.

We asked ourselves the question, who would be most interested in learning about a contest like this and be willing to promote it? The answer was obvious. The schools. This means music teachers, band and choir directors, music students etc. – after all, they are the ones who would benefit the most from the grant! So, how do we reach them?

  • Community influencer outreach: We decided to reach out to school districts, music teachers, national music programs and PTA contacts through phone conversations encouraging these influencers to spread the word! So far, these have been very well received!
  • Blogger outreach: We noticed that several music educators have blogs to serve as a resource to other teachers. We reached out to these contacts in the Rack Room Shoes’ markets to inform them of the grant opportunity for music programs, and asked them to post them on their blogs.
  • Pinterest outreach: Pinterest is another great community full of educators. In addition to creating a board dedicated specifically to the contest – with fun holiday ideas, too – we have intentionally re-pinned and commented on images from music teachers active on Pinterest.
  • Twitter and Facebook outreach: Twitter and Facebook are natural outlets to spread the word. We have pre-written over 200 posts for both social media sites to inform followers and fans of the contest to post several times per week.

And, I guess you can count posting on the Full Circle blog as a cheap way to spread the word (I’m not above that). So while you’re at it, check it out here: http://on.fb.me/TXZwbk.

How do you incorporate strategic planning into your brand’s promotions?

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