5 steps to better your traditional media coverage

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As PR professionals, it is easy to turn to social media outlets as means of brand awareness and communication for our clients. At the click of a button we can instantly relay pertinent information to thousands of readers and followers. However, I even have to remind myself sometimes of how important it is to not only focus on social media, but also maintain an active role with traditional media outlets as well.

In my opinion, through working with the A&D industry, traditional media is important for three reasons; 1) not all of our target audience members in this industry are present on social media, 2) social media depends on traditional media and 3) typically content from print publications is also shared online. Print publications serve as a great resource to find information that can be reformatted for social media content.

So what are some simple steps you can take to maintain and increase your chances of coverage for your client in traditional media sources?

1. Keep an updated media listHaving an active up-to-date media list makes for a quick and easy resource to send out pitches without having to rummage through online databases.

2. Maintain a relationship with editorsHere at Full Circle PR, we have great relationships with editors that have formed over the years. It’s always exciting to have an editor call you asking for content.

3. Track editorial calendarsIt’s important to know what each publication is going to feature over the next few months to make sure you meet deadlines.

4.  Sign up for mailing listsOne of the most common ways we get information about coverage opportunities for the A&D industries is through emails from trade publications.

5.  Stay informedKnowing what type of content traditional outlets in your industry tend to publish can help you better pitch your client.

A presence in traditional outlets is essential in maintaining a well-rounded media presence. Consider these five ways to better extend your coverage in print publications.

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