You wouldn’t invite spam bots to your house…

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…so why would you allow them to clog up your social media channels with junk?

A spam bot is easy to spot. Whether it be on Google+ or Twitter, a spam bot is an account posing as a real person. But it’s not a real person. It’s usually some sinister algorithm-laced hacker wannabe glomming on to whatever real account it can, thinking you’ll be unassuming enough to click over to whatever content farm/XXX website it’s originating from.

And they’re annoying. When I take the time to visit a company’s Twitter page, I want to see real engagement between the brand and its followers. If I see nothing but spam clogging up the feed, I know someone’s asleep at the wheel and not taking the time to really make the connections that count.

The spam bots are always out – and it’s your responsibility as your brand’s social media manager to block them. They do nothing but inflate your social media channels with fake numbers (sure, your company’s Twitter account says it has 973 followers, but if 950 of them are spam bots, does it really count??). They’re not real people.

If you manage your company’s social media channels (or even for your personal accounts), it’s a good idea to take some time once a week or month to clean out the spam bots by blocking them from your feed. It won’t stop them from coming, but it will help you determine who’s really following you, and who’s not.

This is also a good time to do a proactive search for contacts or brands you might want to be in a conversation with, but aren’t already. Do some searches and follow some new folks – you might be surprised at the new connections you can make online that can ultimately translate into an offline relationship.

Don’t let all of the hard work you put into developing your social media channels be overrun by nasty, little spam bots. Kick them to the curb and start having real conversations with real people. Or baby giraffes. Your call.





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