Want strategy? Think headlines.

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Snapshot of Bill speaking recently at Milliken.

Bill Bouchey from M Moser Associates – a global workplace strategy and design firm – recently spoke to a group of Milliken associates in an ongoing series focused on innovation. (Disclosure: Full Circle PR works with Milliken’s global floor covering group on a variety of public relations and social media activities.)

Every good strategic plan starts with an intake session – or as Bill called it a “Discovery Session” – where team members meet to:

  • Collaborate
  • Define goals and set expectations
  • “Build consensus on how to collectively achieve project success”

One question his team asks is:

What headlines do we want to achieve?

I love this question and want to start including it in FCPR’s own strategic sessions.  It makes you think of the big picture, the reason behind the activities a team suggests and can keep the group on track.

So, what headlines do YOU want to achieve? Start with that and build around that goal.  It can bring another perspective to your strategic planning sessions.


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