Strategic Planning: Using content calendars to stay on course

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As we begin another great week of blog posts, we would like to focus in on strategic planning. Planning for 2013 is starting to gear up, and we’re hear to share our industry expertise on how to best plan your public relations activities for the coming year.

Strategic planning can come in a variety of shapes and forms – from an outline of your entire annual activities, to more comprehensive and tactile applications, like a monthly content calendar for social media purposes. Today we’ll focus on the latter, developing strategic content calendars to ensure your social media conversations are in line with your brand’s overall strategy.

Content calendars are a saving grace for curating content to share on social media – and they are applicable across a variety of social media channels. Whether your planning ahead for blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and even pins on Pinterest, calendars allow you to take a birds eye-view at the content your sharing – and to make sure you’re sharing a cohesive message to fans, friends and followers online.

Use the tips below to create your content calendar:

  • Use industry events to determine what topics should be covered when. For example, if you work in the architecture and design industry, plan for conversations on sustainability in November, to coincide with the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Greenbuild event. The same goes for new products posts to line up with HD Expo in May and NeoCon in June.
  • Take note of your most popular blog articles and Facebook posts and use the categories to drive future content. If you notice that your readers are engaging more with a particular type of content, for example, culture or company ¬†news, make an effort to provide more of that content. If they aren’t responding to something, remove it from your list of topics for social media.
  • Reuse content from all of your social media channels.¬†Tweet and post on Facebook your most recent blog article, and make a blog article a longer form of a recent Facebook post. Also, include your most popular pins on Pinterest in a fun and visual blog post for readers to enjoy. This will not only ensure that all of your social media channels are having similar conversations and staying on strategy, but will help curate content at the click of a button.

These are just a few tips to develop a content calendar for your brand’s social media efforts. How are you creating content for your brand to share strategically in online conversations?

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