Strategic planning: Three tips for managing team workflow

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In yesterday’s post, Mollie offered insight into the benefits of using a collaborative calendar for planning and organizing social media activities for a brand. Continuing the conversation, our account teams also manage project workflow using similar plans.

A workflow document is a fluid, one-stop place for group members to see what activities are happening for an account at any time. These tools help us stay on track with ongoing tasks, especially when someone is out of the office, and help us report the status of projects to our clients.

While it takes time to develop a thorough and effective system, we have found the organization benefit to be well worth the effort. Below are three tips to get started and maintain a workflow document for your projects.

  • Organize by type of project. Common themes for public relations activities include: media relations, awards opportunities, social media, copy writing and new product announcements.
  • List all individual tasks related to the account. Be sure to include the project owner, deadline and current status for each assignment.
  • Update, update, update. Workflow documents are best hosted on a platform such as Google Drive, so that all team members can access and edit the same content. Keep in mind that this tool is most beneficial when everyone keeps their tasks up to date.

Be sure to create and organize workflow documents based on how your team prefers to work. A few examples include a spreadsheet, outline or flow chart.

Let’s continue the conversation on strategic planning. What methods do you use to keep your project teams organized?

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