Question of the week: what marketing trend do you find the most challenging right now?

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I love hearing different view points on things. I like to surround myself with various ideas and opinions – and ultimately take time to make up my own mind on what I think about things.

I’d like to start posting a series of questions for us to ponder together. My hope is this will generate some great conversations and allow us to hear different sides of a story.

So to kick us off, here’s the first question:

What marketing trend do you find most challenging for your business right now?

The trend I find most challenging right now is information overload. We’re blessed with a million different ways to access information, but at what point do our brains tune out? And what type of culture are we creating that expects instant gratification in all instances, for all pieces of information? Are we trading in-depth analysis for a quick fix?

There’s a lot about the information age I love – and plenty more I don’t. Am I more engaged with brands I like now than before the Facebook revolution? Maybe, because the capability is there.

But a Facebook contest doesn’t make me more loyal to a brand. I’m loyal to brands that manufacture products I like, or provide a service I prefer. I’m loyal to brands with great customer service, or value added deals. I’m loyal to brands that provide consistency in their output. And I’m loyal to brands that just seem like good, solid companies.

Keeping up with the technology age can be fun – but it can also be a challenge.

What do you think? Are we better or worse off now than before the dawn of the information technology age, when it comes to brand loyalty?


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