LinkedIN Groups feature a great internal communications tool

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If you’re only using LinkedIN as a way to search for jobs, or recruit talent for your business, you’re missing out on a great way to incorporate the business networking site as an effective internal communications tool for your organization.

Think about it: much like Facebook, most business professionals have a LinkedIN account now. The networking site also offers robust mobile applications for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets – making it easier than ever to access LinkedIN when you’re on the go (or stuck in an airport, sitting in traffic – oh what, don’t play on your phone while you’re in traffic. But you get the idea).

With the LinkedIN Groups feature, you can actually create your own virtual Intranet for employees or partners, and you can do it for free. By just creating an LinkedIN account and organizing the Group, you can invite members of your organization to join and take part in the conversations with their peers, no matter where they are in the world.

Here’s just a few of the cool things you do within a LinkedIN group to keep your employees informed in real-time what’s going on:

Post company updates: In addition to your email newsletter you may send out to your company, you can also post that content on your LinkedIN group and use the content as conversation starters for your members. You can also post timely updates to your LinkedIN group in the event of a crisis situation (in addition to your other methods of communications in those instances).

Host a poll or survey: LinkedIN allows you to easily take a quick survey and gather feedback from your members. Wondering if you should bring in a coffee cart on Fridays? Poll away! Give your employees the chance to provide you with feedback you can use and bring them in to the decision making process.

Discuss amongst yourselves:¬†Whether or not you’ve got a centrally located team, or a staff of thousands spread across the world, allowing your Group members to post and comment on discussions in real-time can eliminate boundaries. Sales teams can share best practices with the larger organization, marketing can post the latest advertising creative and invite feedback, managers can post industry news trends to keep people informed. And you can talk about all of it together! The joys of real-time communications!

And if you’re worried about any proprietary information getting out, just set your Group to “closed,” and only members you allow in will be able to take part in the discussion. You’re able to approve each member before they can view the posted content. It’s your own virtual Intranet without the cost of building one from the ground up.

The more you can keep your team informed and up-to-date with what’s happening in your organization, the more productive and responsive they’ll be for you. Consider bringing LinkedIN Groups into your internal communications strategy as another way to keep your team in the loop.

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